Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Panthers and Lady Panthers Show Improvement at CHS Early Bird


Cookeville- On Saturday March 19 the Panthers and Lady Panthers of Stone Memorial traveled to Cookeville High School to compete against 12 other schools in the inaugural CHS Early Bird Invitational presented by Hot Rod Jon’s. The team face not only stiff competition by stiff headwinds for the majority of the day. At the conclusion of the event Coach Bates said, “I could not be more proud of this group. On a day they could have started their Spring Break they came here to day and put on a good showing. We have several top 3 placing and a lot areas we are getting better in.”


The results are listed below in event order:

4×800 Meter Relay

Girls: 2nd Place with a time of 11:30.80

Boys: 2nd Place with a school record time of 8:56.97 (Payt Bussey, Jordan Schroeder, Xavier Findley, and Mickey VanWinkle)


100 Meter Open

Erin Rassell- 16.55

Lexi Proffitt- 18.22

Alyssa Berry- 18.81

Thomas Arnold- 12.23

Ronnie Wyllins- 12.29


4×200 Meter Relay

Girls- 6th Place with a time of 2:06.38

Boys- 5th place with a time of 1:43.87


1,600 Meter Run (1Mile)

3rd Place- Hailey Coudriet- 6:02.18

8th Place- Anna Kemmer- 6:34.52

9th Place- Rebekah Noland- 7:00.05

4th Place- Jordan Schroeder- 4:45.40

9th Place- Preston Buck- 5:35.50

11th PLace- Zach Stambaugh- 5:41.20


4×100 Meter Relay

Girls- 9th Place with a time of 59.36

Boys- 4th Place with a time of 47.21


400 Meter Open

8th Place- Erin Rassell- 1:14.85

Maggie Kemmer- 1:29

Brooke Freitag- 1:34

7th Place Ben Bowman- 1:00.00

9th Place- Nick Moore- 1:01.64


300 Meter Hurles

3rd Place Madison Wilson- 1:02.68

3rd Place Xavier Findely- 47.84

9th Place- Jason Seaman- 54.86


800 Meter Open

Tierra Scoville- 3:26

Sienna Howe- 3:47

6th Place- Jacob Sweeten- 2:16.66

Ben Bowman- 2:43.45


200 Meter Open

6th Place Jacey Wiley- 29.64

9th Whitney Miller- 31.51

10th– Place Alyssa Berry- 31.60

6th Place Dylan Greenwood- 25.62

Tyler Breeding- 29.08


3,200 Meter Run (2 Mile)

2nd Place- Cheyenne Jones- 13:13.28

6th Place Anna Kemmer- 14:41.08

3rd Place Payt Bussey- 10:54.97

4th Place- Mickey VanWinkle

5th Place- Jackson Hughes- 11:29.52


4×400 Meter Relay

Girls 3rd Place with a time of 4:55.67

Boys 3rd Place with a time of 3:56.48


High Jump

5th Place Whitney Proffitt- 4’2”

4th Place Dylon Dishman and Ronnie Wyllins- 5’8”

8th Place Jason Seaman- 5’0”


Long Jump

9th Place Madison Wilson- 12’9.5”

10th Place Faith Robinette- 12’5.5”

12th Place Erin Rassell- 11’1”

9th Place Ethan Pierce- 16’8”

Trevor Tucker- 15’6”

Dylon Greenwood- 12’7”


Triple Jump

7th Place Trevor Tucker- 33’3.25”





3rd Place Ben Kindred- 107’1”

5th Place Lucas Coleman- 98’2”


Shot Put

2nd Place Ben Kindred- 40’6”

Andrew Wright- 33’8”

Lucas Coleman- 32’8”



Overall team scores the girls finished in 6th place and the boys finished in 4th plaee. “We had an overall good showing. We identified areas to improve and we will get better as the season continues!” add Bates.


The next date for the SMHS Panthers and Lady Panthers will be Tuesday March 29 at home. The meet starts at 4Pm. There will be 12 teams from as far away as Mt. Juliet coming to town.