Panthers News · Sports Reschedule Notice

Please Note:

We are being forced to take sudden and drastic action due to the rapidly growing covid-19 numbers in our area.  With much discussion relative to the health of our student athletes, coaches, and fans, it has been decided the only reasonable course of action is to reschedule all athletic events scheduled for November 23, 24, and 25.  Practice may continue those days, but should be limited to conditioning and non-contact drills.   I completely understand the logistical difficulties, the competitive disadvantages, and the many disappointments that come with this decision.

It is also strongly suggested that the utmost diligence and care be taken during participation in athletic events falling near, but not on, these dates.  Adhering to TSSAA and CDC guidelines is urged and expected.  Please keep in mind that as you travel to out-of-town competitions, you have a responsibility to your community to keep them safe from anything to which you may be exposed. I understand that there exists many points of view relative to the dangers of covid-19, but there is simply no risk worth taking that involves a question of our student’s, coach’s and fans’ health.  We must be willing to make the hard decisions and take the responsible courses of action to protect our students and safeguard our community.

With that said, please be advised that should the trajectory of our local covid-19 numbers not take a turn for the better, there exists the very real possibility that participation in tournaments that host mass gatherings may soon be prohibited.  As you are aware, TSSAA has already taken this action for their tournaments, and your responsible decisions now will go a long way in preventing such measures locally as it relates to December Holiday tournaments.  With that in mind, it is strongly encouraged that you make preparations, financial and/or otherwise, should that contingency occur.

Dean Patton

Cumberland County Schools Athletic Director